Why it is important to keep fit

I love keeping fit, I play football, baseball, and basketball and is keeping fit is not just a hobby of mine but it is also a way of life.

When I’m not working out playing the sports above I am always in the gym or outside on the circuit running or lifting weights. At the end of the day if we don’t have our health, our bodies what do we have?

I have also gotten into training with a cross trainer of late I love the cross trainer because it is a low impact exercise. While it is still a high intensity movement you are not impacting on your joints as much as if you were running. With a cross trainer you get a full body workout so is much more efficient than running.

Another sport which I love is swimming because, again, it is extremely low impact and a full body cardiovascular exercise. It works at every muscle in your body. Swimming is freakin’ awesome.

While I still run,I can feel the pain in my joints after a long run. Where when I am working on the cross trainer I can easily work out double the time that I do running and I feel no pain at all. this is the beauty of a low impact workout. Check out the best cross trainer on this article. Another very useful device I have to mix things up when trying to get lean is my folding exercise bike – I use it for HIIT spin sessions. Cycling makes a nice change and a new welcome challenge.

I also left weights. One of my favorite weight lifting exercises has to be the dead lift. The dead lift is an amazing upperbody and lower body lift.

The dead lift works out every muscle from your forearm to your shoulders to your biceps to your back and your glutes and it increases the strength in your back and stabilises your spine. And this is the reason why I love the dead lift.

Bike Riding – Not The Motor Kind!

As you will have seen from the previous article about keeping fit, I cover cross training and weight lifting. The exercise I didnt cover is riding your bike.

Like working out on the cross trainer, riding a bike is also a very good and effective low impact movement. It works your legs, abs and glutes. Unlike the cross trainer, however, it will not give you a full body workout; rather a lower body workout.

I actually love riding my bike, it keeps me in shape and its just a fun activity (although still doesnt beat my dirt bike in having fun!).

Riding my bike actually has done wonders for toning my legs. I try to ride at least a few times a week.

When its raining, its not ideal riding the bike, well not outdoors anyway. This is why I have bought myself one of the best turbo trainers on the market from http://bestturbotrainers.uk/, by TacX.

A turbo trainer is a very cool device that your bike sits on to allow you to ride your bike stationary indoors. Your rear wheel is fixed onto the trainer, your front wheel is stabilised using a bracket.

Magnetic cycle trainers allow the user to get a great bike workout in the comfort of their own home. Whether its raining, snowing or just plain windy, now you have no excuse to ride you bike.

Sure you could buy an exercise bike for around the same amount of money as a decent trainer but the downside is, now you have two different specifications of the bike to workout on. The exercise bike is, of course, very different in terms of resistance, seating and handle bar position and the stride length when compared to your outdoor bike. So to keep things inline, a turbo trainer is your best option.

One thing to remember when you’re out with your bike is to always keep it secure with a good quality lock. We recommend The Abus Granit X Plus 540 D-Lock.

Electric Bikes – The Ride Of The Future!

Electric Bike Riding Benefits

Riding a bike is one of the best forms of cardio you can do. For leg toning, the workout is pretty amazing.

In all there are many benefits to riding your bike, this site here shows 10 and I will expand on some of the more crucial ones in this article that are more focused on electric bikes.

Low Impact

Compared with running, riding the bike is extremely low impact (some would even argue that it is in fact no impact!). The reason being, your feet are constantly moving in a circular motion as opposed to up and down when running.

This low impact movement will save your joints an enormous amount of stress to your joints.

Take A Break!

One of the biggest, if not THE biggest advantage to having an electric bike instead of a conventional bike is that fact that if you get tired, you simply switch to battery mode and let the bike ride you, rather than you riding your bike. You simply cruise along and enjoy the ride.

Depending on the capacity of the battery, it may even have enough juice in it to take you all the way home!

Put The Fun Back In Cycling!

Most people will not cycle, or workout for that matter, because its an effort on their part. This is the number one reason why people refuse to work out. They choose the path of least resistance.

With an e-bike, it seems that people are a lot more willing to use it. The fact that it is fun is a huge motivator and people actually want to use it.

Charge Wherever You Are!

Most people commute to and from work using their electric bikes. They simply take the charger with them and charge the battery whilst at work. This makes sense as they will then have enough power for the journey home.

These are some of the benefits of having an electric bike. Here is a video for you to enjoy.

For more information on ebikes, reviews and such, check out e-bikereview.uk.